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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our product. Payments are processed through PayPal using encrypted technology. Your payment can be made by using either an existing PayPal account or by using a credit card through PayPal

The purchase price is offered at the introductory price of $295.00 USD for the program and all the ammenities that comes from being a customer of StratOpt. If you are a previously existing customer of the StratOptWFP then this price is reduced to $200.00 USD. If you do not own both products but would like to do so then the pricing for the package will be $495.00 USD. I will also require your TradeStation Customer ID number and Network ID number to process the package. These numbers can be found by clicking the Help menu item at the top of the main TradeStation platform window and then the About selection under that topic. You will find the numbers in the Licensed To: portion of the dialog window. These numbers can not be used by anyone to access your computer nor your trading account. They only identify your TradeStation software platform so that the program can verify that you are the proper user of the program.

I will receive email verification that you have completed the transaction, and I will also need you to fill out the form provided on the page that you go to after you complete your transaction with your TradeStation platform details so that I can complete your package and get it shipped to you through the email address that you wish to use. The email to you will contain a ZIP file containing the programs and User Guides. Please allow up to 3 business days for me to complete this process. The introductory program price will include after market hours user support.

Click the PayPal button below to complete your purchase.

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You will return to the StratOpt website upon completion of the transaction and your customer details can be sent using the form on the return page. There will be no refunds once the package is shipped due to the nature of sending out software so make sure that you want to purchase the product before you actually do so.


Click here to purchase the StratOptWFO optimizer by itself for $295 USD

Click here to purchase the StratOptWFO for $200 USD ONLY if you owned the StratOpt WFP prior to July 7, 2008

Click here to purchase both the WFO and WFP at the reduced package price of $495 USD

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