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Strategy Optimization Engine

StratOpt is pleased to announce StratOptWFO strategy optimizer tool has entered into initial release. This tool will interface directly with your TradeStation EasyLanguage strategies and allow you to optimize your more complicated strategies in a mere fraction of the time that it would normally take you. In fact, with a strategy that uses more than just a few simple parameters, it is basically impossible to complete an optimization within TradeStation, but you can easily perform the optimization using this tool within hours.

What Is This Tool ?

This new tool uses a unique strategy optimizing algorithm that greatly speeds up the optimization process by performing the optimization in a far smarter method. The results of this optimization can be used by itself, or you can also use the results in conjunction with the StratOptWFP walk forward processor tool. There is also a strategy converter tool included which will write the EasyLanguage code modules that will help you convert your strategy for use by both the optimizer and the walk forward processor. This converter tool makes it a simple copy and paste operation to convert your strategy into one that you can then optimize much faster and also allow for a walk forward testing process.

Initial Purchase Details

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